Unilyze is designed to reside in the Cloud.
Seamless Integration between Digitized Products and Banking Processes that Enables Digital Transformation

Digital Banking Integration

Connecting people, businesses and things is more than just a new Corebanking Project - it's an Organizational Milestone. While technology may drive Business Transformation, invaluable commodities such as Strategic Thinking, Business Acumen and Strong Leadership will continue to determine the evolution of Digital Banking. But every organization needs the right application platform.

  • Unilyze is a Multi-platform Digital CoreBanking Solution
  • Database
  • Connecting People, Businesses and the Internet of Things

Give Your Users the Mobile Workspace

to Succeed in the Digital Economy

Unilyze Cloud-native Advantage

1. Secure Digital Workspace
Access is circumstantial, depending on device, network, location and profile, while IT maintains control and visiblity.

2. IT Flexibility
Easily enable and disable new services without "on-premise" license commitments. Quickly distribute new apps and services throughout the organization.

3. Improved Resource Management
IT support teams can focus more on delivering value-added products and services and less time on resolving technical issues or installing hew hardware or software.

4. Enhanced User Experience
Users are no longer constrained to a device or location. Unilyze Cloud automatically adjusts to any device, increasing collaboration and productivity.

5. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
In addition to the benefits highlighted above, by eliminating large capital infrastructure investments, converting fixed expenses into variable, and adopting a pay-as-you-go subscription model, the savings can be tremendous.

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