Unifying Web and Operating Data with Sophsticated Analytics

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Data Connections

Data Connections is the first step in "Unilyzing Your Business." Connect accounts from more than 50 sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram. Unilyze will connect your Quickbooks, SalesForce as well as many other business accounts for review and analysis.

Third-party Integrations

Unilyze delivers real-time integrations with a wide variety of services from our partners: Yext, Buffer, Google Analytics, Majestic, and IBM Watson Analytics. Stay on top of your business by using the vast array of data and analytical tools available to you as our valued customer. Easily setup predictive analyses to gather insights for accurate tactical and strategic decision-making.

Analytics Canvas

Our Analytics Canvas is fully integrated with our Data Source Dashboard. Import desired files in .csv, .xlsx, .docx, pdf and other formats to create stunning graphs, charts and data tables for comparitive or predictive analyses. Share with colleagues, post online, or insert into other documents.

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